Libero Maggini

Viareggio, 1970

Starting from the drawing and the expressiveness of figures, the artist works different materials with a personal and very unusual touch.
By moulding materials in total liberty and leaving way to fantasy, he is led to experience different technics and to confront hinself with every day reality, wich can be recognised in the expressions full of kindness and humanity of his sculptures.
Maggini’s curious and sensitive eye allows him to express himself in a fresh, natural way that can be immediately perceived in his works. Each of them becomes a stage in his life, a way to reflect and communicate a careful and continuous interior research, revealing an intricate tangle of emotions, impulsiveness and feelings.
  • Title: Bimba Capo chino 1/8
  • Tecnique: Lost Wax Bronze
  • Size: Cm. 40 x 15 x 15
  • Year: 2013
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