Budai Elecle


Elecle was born in a small town in the Friuli countryside. She grew up in a romantic atmosphere, in conctat with an artistic family. Her artistic carrer is thus her life, in contact with different forms of expression. Her solo shows are paths where the figures are accompanied by installations. She is also fully involved in a continuous research of personal techniques, working in an environment where the colors and materials are the basis of an evolving final product, and where she grew her interest in create new forms of expression out of new materials for recycling. She has exhibited nationally and abroad, always with positive feedbacks from audiences and critics. Major exhibitions where held in Trieste, Rijeka, London, Milan, Rome, Venice, Padova, Cittadella, Fano and Pesaro.
  • Title: Luna
  • Tecnique: Pet
  • Size: Cm 40x50
  • Year: 2016
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