Gennaro Barci

Reggio Calabria, 1985

The artist started painting in 2006 and after about one year of tests, he decided to stop in order to study the processes of interaction between colours. In 2011, he approached Il Metaformismo, by professor Giulia Sillato. She led him to show his work in several prestigious exhibitions. In 2014, after examining in depth the critical survey on Metaforma for years, the artist published his own programmatic formulation about Seconda Forma (literally “Second Form”). In short, the artist declared that it is necessary to face a first phase of depersonalisation of the creative moment through a painting act in order to describe all the concepts related to the incorporeal.
Then, there is a second phase of the sculptural process, during which the creation is brought back to a corporeal level and becomes available to the observer.
  • Title: Trasmutazione I
  • Tecnique: Enamels on methacrylate
  • Size: 55 x 50 + 29 x 25
  • Year: 2016
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