Gerald Moroder

Milan, 1972

One question pervades Gerald's works: What lies beneath the material dimension? It seems as if he wants to pass the boundaries of rationality, those of the hic et nunc in order to be drifted by irrationality. Being re-conducted to the arché, the basic principle, is a kind of hidden necessity. It's a departure from the immanence, the everyday life, to enter into himself, to discover and experience mental conditions. Naked sculptures divested of all covering inspire a sense of weightlessness. It's not a mirror in which we look before leaving the house in order to face everyday life. It's the reflecting of oneself, free from narcissistic ambitions and mere pleasure. His aim is not to divert the spectators with frills. His stark figures reveal a shamefaced nudity.
  • Title: Where are You?
  • Tecnique: Porphyry and Resin
  • Size: cm 160
  • Year: 2016
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