Mariano Fuga

Nove (Vicenza), 1948

He studied at the Art Institute for Ceramics in Nove (Vicenza), and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, in the course of sculpture by Alberto Viani. He has taught design at the Ceramic Art Institute of Gargnano (BS). The interest in the representation of the human figure consisting in the creation of flying figures, poised figures, figures who aspire to make kites, divers more or less convinced, perplexing athletes, often placed on columns, concretions of different clays that look turned from time, seem reduced to their lowest terms by an invisible rotating movement that consumes and makes them essential. Since the 70's he is invited to national international sculpture exhibitions, gaining several prizes and success.
  • Title: Esercizio di risalita su sfera
  • Tecnique: CERAMIC
  • Size: Cm.O 38
  • Year: 2015
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