Rita Miranda

Todi, 1968

She started very young to draw and paint. She later identified the raku pottery as the most appropriate technique to summarize her creative needs.
She studied the technical elements with the master Enzo Tilia and with the attendance of Nino Caruso,
author of numerous essays about the subject. Important meetings for her formation were the ones with the artists Piero Dorazio, Bruno Ceccobelli and Jacqueline Ryan.
"My work starts from a primary desire, almost ancestral, to create objects with my hands, with clay and with fire. Objects that want to express harmony, balance, proportion, and the point of reference comes back to be nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration with its shapes, its colors, its life".
  • Title: Riccio
  • Tecnique: Raku Ceramics
  • Size: CM. o 23
  • Year: 2013
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