Roberto Pupi

Livorno, 1958

He takes part in numerous exhibitions since 1989, receiving several awards, including the "Trevi Flash Art Museum" Prize. In the works of Roberto Pupi the photographic image is joined to matter, as the shaped canvas, creating moving sculptures that seem to vibrate and that we can touch with our senses, beyond sight . Interesting and full of emotions is the projection of a gaze, a face, a scene, a particular in the surfaces that he chooses every time different, flat, smooth, ridged, hollow, perforated, torn . Photographs, pop in and out in the field and leave a subtle and penetrating message , that goes beyond the apparent reality of things.
  • Title: Barocco
  • Tecnique: color print on shaped canvas
  • Size: 75x55x10 cm
  • Year: 2014
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