Walter Pancheri

Ortisei, 1962

Until 1982, makes his apprenticeship with the Master Sculptor Vincenzo Mussmen; in this artistic environment Pancheri works mainly on customized sculptures of sacred art. In the 1983 he studied art in Graz (Austria) . He obtained the title of Master Sculptor in 1987. In 1994 he opened his own sculpture studio . In the same year he became a partner of Unika , the art association founded by a group of sculptors of the Gardena Valley with the intent to promote and raise awareness of the local wood carving . Many sacred works sculpted by Walter Pancheri can be found in both Italian and foreign churches , while numerous profane sculptures have become part of private collections .
Since 2012, he experienced a successful union of the sculptural process with digital photography and painting to create works of great beauty.
  • Title: Blossoms
  • Tecnique: Mix Technique on wood
  • Size: Cm. 60 x 45
  • Year: 2014
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