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from 04 October 2014 to 18 October 2014

Meet Art - Feed Art, My Tuscan Experience

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Arte a Colori Gallery and iSculpture Gallery are glad to present My Tuscan Experience –Meet Art Feed Art Collective exhibition : Arte a Colori (Colle Val d'Elsa) 4-18 October 2014 Collective exhibition: iSculpture Gallery (San Gimignano) 5-18 October 2014 A work of art transmits and expresses messages and feelings, almost always by itself, without the presence of its author next to it. But knowing the genesis of the artwork (whose hands created it? which thoughts originated it?) is a special experience, and in our case even a social experience. It's an experience we have proposed through a series of meetings taking shape in the collective exhibition Feed Art_Meet Art. Organised under the High Patronage of the Italian Republic, of the European Union and of the Region of Tuscany, the project ''My Tuscan Experience'', of which this exhibition is the final act, has involved five high quality tourist accomodations, two young and lively art galleries, 14 Tuscan artists: a common event and a project created for a selected audience choosing Val d'Elsa as its aim, with all its quality aspects.
There is a second theme and a leitmotiv in this exhibition: the dictionary of the words used by the artists to describe their work, that has united and sometimes divided the description of the works of art. The instinctive translations of the words into the different languages spoken by the people who were present, is an act to show that art does not need google-translation and perfectionism, but it needs to find itself within its group and its social background. Each artist has a verbal tag*: a list of terms and expressions allowing us to write down the different ways of saying belonging to the foreign guests, and which has an interest in giving the work of art ''created in Tuscany'' a non-provincial understanding and interpretation.
The hotels: RelaisdellaRovere, Sovestro, Villa San Lucchese, Bel Soggiorno have made their rooms and their professionality available for a warm welcome, and the artists of the different Galleries have made it special to exchange visaual and verbal contacts, firstly taking part in the conversation and in the research.
In the Galleries Francesca Sensi Arte a Colori (Colle Val d'Elsa) and iSculpture (San Gimignano) these artists' works of art will be shown from October4st 2014: Elisa Bertaglia, Nicola Bertellotti, Matteo Cocci, Susan Leyland, Marco Manzella, Alessandro Reggioli, TommasoSantucci, Mariano Fuga, Marco Cipolli, Irene Giannaccini, FabrizioLucchesi, Alessandro Marzetti, Simona Ragazzi and the tagged words, working as an international ''didascalic tour'' of the presented artwork. Meet Art_Feed Artis a collective exhibition conceived for enhancing Tuscan excellencies and it represents the start of a new project called ''Experential Tourism''.

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from 20 September 2014 to 04 October 2014

Beyond Time - Findings of the XXI Century A.D.

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Simona Ragazzi: Beyond Time Solo Exhibition: iSculpture Art Gallery Casoled’Elsa | September 20th – October 4th, 2014 Meet Art-Feed Art with Simona Ragazzi | September 19th, 2014 After two years since the first exhibition dedicated to Simona Ragazzi, iSculpture Gallery is pleased to present “Beyond Time. Finds of the twenty-first Century A.D.” that will be held at the new venue of Casoled’Elsa. From the reflection on the concept of duality, on the introspective dimension and the outward appearance that characterized the 2012 exhibition, titled “In & Out“, the artist now turns her attention to the analysis of certain archetypes of our globalized civilization.
The “findings” suggest attention and “love” for life: in particular those directly related to the daily dimension such as “Testa di ragazza” or “Scriba” heir to the thousand-year old Mediterranean tradition that has its roots in Egypt and Mesopotamia.
These art works by Simona Ragazzi are the mirror of a great vital and creative force. Made of different materials, from clay to bronze, they enclose a language rich of explicit iconographic citations. The Bolognese artist has developed an important work of semiotic research on the current art and culture. In fact, the works trace a direct line between the contemporary figurative codes and the archaic cultural elements by meditating on the relationship between past, present and future and by providing suggestions, readings and new narratives. These new archaeological works of Ragazzi reveal a high conceptual and communicative profile which intertwines the dimensions of time and space with sensitivity and humor. In order to present the new artistic project even in the historic setting of San Gimignano, we have included a meeting with Simona Ragazzi in the project “Meet Art-Feed Art“, patronized by the Tuscan Region and the European Union. The event will take place September 19th at the Hotel Bel Soggiorno in San Gimignano and the theme will be “The ceramic vocabulary“.
Opening at iSculpture Gallery – Casoled’Elsa (SI): Saturday September 20th at 6.30 p.m.
Aperitif with the artist “Meet Art – Feed Art” at the Hotel Bel Soggiorno – San Gimignano (SI):
Friday, September 5th at 6.30 p.m.
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from 05 September 2014 to 21 September 2014

Lo Spazio dell'Essere

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iSculpture Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Gerald Moroder "Lo spaziodell'Essere"(The Space of Being) which will be held at its venue in San Gimignano (SI). An exhibition Catalogue will be printed by the gallery. At the same time, two site specific installations will be presented at Castello di Casole (Siena) with the titles of "Eccomi !" and "Guardareoltre". The new art project by Gerald Moroder (Milan, 1972), "The Space of Being", arises as a starting point for a new design research, totally addressed to the exaltation of matter, by undertaking a so different and more radical research than in the past. Ever since Gerald Moroder’s figures feel the need to become essential, to transcend until dematerializing and being mere spirit. Its lines, carved first in wood and later formed in a porphyry mass, despite gravity of the material, seem to dance, wandering aimlessly or freeing themselves in the air, bowing backwards in order to cover an indefinite space. With "The Space of Being", the sculptor leaves its curved or slender human figure, distinctive of its production, but it continues to live there as the breath of life, nearly celestial. It’s the material and the most sublime concept of Being to characterize Gerald Moroder’s poetic and source of inspiration. The panels presented in the exhibition represent a meditation on time and space modulated in plastic terms. The eroded and scratched surfaces, with concave accents and sharp cuts, represent a profound reflection on the separation of private and figuration. They are essential in their complexity, they are figurative in terms of pure abstraction, they are starry nights, branches that are intertwined withgrass blades. In order to propose a more careful and a wide-ranging reading of his artistic production, the works for the site specific installation at the beautiful setting of the Castello di Casole (Siena) were chosen from the triptych "GuardareOltre" and "Eccomi!". These works represent the culmination of years of research, both material and stylistic, as the Art Critic Chiara Canali highlights: "In an ideal circular vortex, the lean and long-limbed figures modeled by the artist are the same man caught in different stages of dematerialization that wants to arrive at a form of levity, fade, intangibility of the being. " Again it’s the material which unites two apparently distinct productions.The material represents the artist’s binding to the own region from the initial use of wood in the local tradition to the porphyry, the rock of his mountains. Through these ancient materials he is determined to find a configuration that matches the sense of a break with the world, or a wound, or a laceration with the existing to be bridged with a hug. Opening at the Hotel Castello di Casole (SI): Friday, September 5th at 6.30 p.m. Presentation of the Solo Exhibition at iSculpture Gallery San Gimignano (SI): Saturday September 6th at 6.30 p.m.
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from 14 June 2014 to 28 June 2014

A Child's Play

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iSculpture Art Gallery is proud to announce the Solo Exhibition A Child's Play by Ivan Lardschneider. Simultaneously, the site specific installation "A Fallen Angel on Earth" will be displayed at the Hotel Castello di Casole. ( Ivan Lardschneider, a young sculptor, has shown his works in various events, in and out European borders. Rhode Island, Miami, Berlin and Paris are among his latest exhibiting locations, beneath his attendance to the 54° Biennale di Venezia. This is time for Tuscany, between San Gimignano and Casole d'Elsa. This is going to be the setting chosen to present his latest works and the catalogue "A Child's Play". As the first apprentice of Aron Demetz, he started his career on the figurative path so clearly preferred by Valpot and then turned to his original and recognizable style. Linden wood is his medium, the same of the Gardenese tradition, the one used for the religious sculptures in our churches, rediscovered with a new and unique artistic syntax. Telling about his works means to have the privilege to go back to that childhood and candid condition, simple and uncontaminated that taught us to call things with their names, to transcend the constructed language e to make it pure again. Lardschneider allows us to return to the primordial sense of this communication because he uses a simple and intuitive language. His figure is linear and absolute, is each one of us and it needs no more than our daily gestures. The high point of his new production is " A Fallen Angel on Earth", exhibited in the wonderful setting of the Castello di Casole (Siena), where Ivan's typical character becomes an Angel precipitated among us. Our cultural and religious superstructures lead us to think that his exile is a form of punishment. But, and this is where Ivan's works intensity plays, we have to annul our knowledge, free our mind to look at his works with the eyes of a child, immune to prejudice.
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from 25 March 2014 to 26 November 2014

iSculpture New branch Opening

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iSculpture is proud to announce the opening of its branch in Casole d'Elsa.
We chose this place to reinforce our presence in the territory and because Casole d'Elsa represents Tuscany's potentiality in welcoming high cultural level turism.
Art exhibitions, Folkloristic events and an excellent turistic and wine and food offer will be our new activity's background.