Simona Ragazzi

Bologna, 1969

In the works of Simona Ragazzi essences, traces and souls living in the clay and getting nourishment from it take shapel. Figures and intensely expressive faces and inquisitive eyes that silently emerge from the bottom of the work as a body of water, and bodies that plunge into an abyss to which they return leaving an almost elusive pace. Shapes, colors, figures and people who live in thespaceless and timeless universe which is behind and beyond the work, as in the Platonic supercelestial space, where ideas, perfect and immutable reside, and become visible to our eyes through the hand of the 'artist. They move slowly through the creation of magma up to face the real world imperceptibly, from whom we admire them.
  • Title: Kouros XXI Sec. d.C.
  • Tecnique: Semirefractory Clay on wood
  • Size: Cm. 70 x 100
  • Year: 2014
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