Nazareno Biondo

Torino, 1985

Nazareno Biondo graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in 2011 and he completed his studies with honors cum laude.
Since 2008 he participated to some national and international sculpture symposiums, winning awards and competitions and creating monuments. Biondo brings out everyday objects in a search for formal perfection and conceptual reworking. The great technical skills allow him to reach a cold hyper-realism with which reproduces in detail everything about contemporary society. The marble worked "for removing" encloses forms that reveal the artist through an ironic but, at the same time, dramatic point of view that he has on the world.
  • Title: Winstone
  • Tecnique: Carrara Marble
  • Size: Cm. 70 x 40
  • Year: 2016
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