Sergio Rubini

Canosa di Puglia, 1979

He represents the family's third generation in the ceramic art.
He graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 20015. He collaborated with the artist Jgor Mitoraj, creating monumental works. He has participated in sculpture symposiums between Florence, Carrara and Turin.
In recent years he devoted to the theme "Warriors". The sculptor wants to give shape to both inner and outer conflicts, faced everyday by contemporary women. Women from the soul full of intricate feelings and hidden desires, romantic dreamers and fighters, committed to add value to our society. Basically Rubini is a witness of our time, telling an old story but inexorably present.
  • Title: Athena - Edition 1/9
  • Tecnique: Lost Wax Bronze
  • Size: Cm 40
  • Year: 2007
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